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          On December 8, 2014, the United States Supreme Court declined request for a review of the Fifth Circuit’s rulings upholding the District Court’s Final Approval Order of the Settlement Agreement. Accordingly, the Effective Date of the Settlement Agreement is December 8, 2014, and the final deadline for filing all claims other than those that fall into the Seafood Compensation Program is June 8, 2015.

                                   Let Us Do The Math           

                           Oil Spill Recovery LLC. has settled Over a Million dollars in Claims                

With the support of Oil spill Recovery. accounting and financial professionals, Our Experts can create models based upon the valid financial data you supply us. The mathematical models we develop can be employed to include, not only lost business revenues, but also the increased cost of doing business, along with the additional expenses required to keep your business economically viable

There is no limit on the total dollar amount of the  Economic and Property Damages; all following qualified claims will be paid.

(1) Seafood Compensation
(2) Economic Damage
(3) Loss of Subsistence
(4) Vessel Physical Damage
(5) Vessels of Opportunity Charter Payment
(6) Coastal Real Property
(7) Wetlands Real Property Damage
(8) Real Property Sales Damage

   You cannot make an economic loss claim for a business that falls into any of the categories listed below.

Check any and all boxes that describe your business.

Refer to Section 2 of the Business Economic Loss Instructions Booklet for more detailed descriptions of these categories.

(a) Financial Institution.

(b) Fund, financial trust, or other financial vehicle.

(c) Gaming.

(d) Insurance.

(e) Oil and gas industry.

(f) Defense contractor or subcontractor.

(g) Real estate development.

(h) Selling or marketing BP-branded fuel at anytime from April 20, 2010, through April 16, 2012.

 If you check the box next to any of the above categories, your business is not eligible to make an Economic Loss


If you have suffered Income Loss  gulf coast residence or vacation home, restaurant, or personal income have been affected by the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.A business interruption claim covers losses suffered as a result of the restriction of access to your property or place of business.


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